Silver Darling Silk Satin Scarf


Part of the 'What's Your Story?' Aberdeen Suite, the 'Silver Darling' Scarf celebrates the Aberdeen Herring Fleet and the women who played such a major part in the processing of the catch.

"Silver Darlings on Aberdeen quay,
Brought by the fishermen home from the sea.
To the City that stands twixt the Donn and the Dee,
The home of the Silver Darlings.

With ice in the riggings and death down below,
the gales screaming wild and the glass hanging low.
The wives and the sweethearts are women who know
the price of the Silver Darlings."

The scarf has been digitally printed from the original hand drawn illustration on to beautiful Silk Satin and has a machine stitched hemmed edge. Also available in Chiffon.

This is a made to order item, please allow up to 4 weeks for dispatch.

Size: 72 x 72 cms
Fabric: Silk Satin or Chiffon

Also available in a Neckerchief Size 49 x 49 cms -
Best for styling at the head, neck or wrist

by Tracey Johnston


  • Silk Satin Scarf
  • Chiffon Scarf
  • Silk Satin Neckerchief
  • Chiffon Neckerchief