Yoga Eye Pillow

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The perfect companion for yoga relaxation time or simply to take a little quiet time out of the day for yourself. These yoga pillows are made from natural linen hand printed with a folk flower illustration and backed with vintage fabric, filled with relaxing dried lavender and fragrant jasmine rice. Use at room temperature for a deeper relaxation session, heat gently on a radiator in the cooler months or pop in the freezer to cool down when its hot. The outer cover can be removed to gently wash and freshen.

Natural Linen, Vintage Fabric, Dried Lavender & Jasmine Rice
23 x 11cms

Directions for use:
Find a quiet place and lie down. Place the yoga pillow horizontally over your eyes.
Feel the soothing coolness press against your skin and take your attention to the breathe. Start to breathe a little slower and deeper and let the fragrant, relaxing aroma work its gentle magic.