f o l k a - scented candle


Our new scent celebrating the autumn season is rich with hints of ripe berries, woodsmoke and warmth. We celebrate harvest and the fruits of our labour with gatherings and celebration, cooking and craft.

This unique scent, expertly blended by us has hints of blackcurrant, citrus yuzu and smoky palo santo and is the perfect candle for our homes as the season changes.

Available in warm amber glass apothecary style jars and rose gold travel tins.

Scent notes:

Records suggest that Blackcurrants have been growing in the Scottish countryside since the 17th century and were revered for their many medicinal qualities. Rich in vitamin c, blackcurrants have a distinctive tart flavour and is used to make jams, cordials, jellies and pie-filling, and the French name of the berry is cassis, from which the liqueur is produced.

The Yuzu fruit has the scent of grapefruit and mandarin and is commonly used in Japanese cuisine. A yuzu bath is a bathing tradition celebrated on the winter solstice in Japan when Yuzu fruits are floated in the hot water of the bath, releasing their aroma. It is believed to guard against colds, warm the body, and relax the mind.

Palo Santo or Holy Stick is the wood from the Bursera graveolens tree and has been used for centuries dating back to Incan times for ceremonial purposes and folk medicine. Today it is commonly used for smudging in the home and in yoga practise to cleanse energy and bring good luck.


  • f o l k a Apothecary Jar Scented Candle
  • f o l k a Rose Gold Travel Tin